The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

The majestic Rocky Mountains span 3,000 miles from Canada to New Mexico and include dozens of ranges, including the Tetons in Wyoming, The Sawtooths in Idaho and the Wasatch Range in Utah. The Rocky Mountain states include New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. The Rockies are packed with limitless opportunities for adventure. Whether your tastes run to wild whitewater or peaceful fly-fishing, high peaks or peaceful streams, big wild open spaces or small cowboy towns, national parks or hidden waterfalls, the Rockies are your playground and it’s time to discover the great American West!

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Established in 1872 and located primarily in Wyoming, America’s first national park is home to an incomparable combination of natural beauty, rugged wilderness, majestic peaks and abundant wildlife. As well, Yellowstone sits on top of a dormant volcano and is home to more geysers and hot springs than any other place on earth! Although Yellowstone attracts more than 4 million visitors every year, chances are – unless you spend your entire trip at Old Faithful – you won’t see much of them. Yellowstone offers truly unique experiences like spectacular backcountry treks, fall-foliage tours, Old Faithful, and geysers shooting water 100 feet into the air.

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Featuring some of the country’s most dramatic scenery, Grand Teton National Park includes spectacular snowcapped peaks, their profiles reflected in fjord-like lakes and a slowly flowing river. The Grand Teton’s 310,000 acres of lush valley floors, mountain meadows, alpine lakes and rising peaks play home to a range of wildlife including black bears, grizzlies, moose, antelope and bison. In the peak summer season, the area’s trails call to hikers of all abilities and reveal gems like hidden waterfalls and tranquil breathtaking views of the Tetons. Meanwhile, the Snake River appeals to kayakers, rafters and those that simply fancy a float, and historic districts like Menors Ferry and Mormon Row attract history buffs interested in the 19th-century past of this piece of the Western Frontier.

Glacier National Park, MT

Glacier, a beloved park in northwestern Montana, takes its name from the many glaciers and glacial forces that shaped its rugged topography over two million years. While the park is still home to more than a dozen glaciers, even more impressive are the massive U-shaped valleys and hulking granite peaks carved by long-ago ice flows. A favorite among hikers, the park features a variety of trails for all skill levels, ranging from the easy Trail of the Cedars to the challenging Grinnell Glacier. What’s more, the park boasts more than 700 lakes, numerous waterfalls and two mountain ranges, spread across more than 1 million acres. The Going-to-the-Sun Road – a scenic, 52-mile drive through the park – is a National Historic Landmark and an engineering marvel that offers spectacular views and access to popular hiking trails.

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park is a living showcase of the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Here, a single hour’s drive leads from a 7,800-foot elevation at the park headquarters to the 12,183-foot apex of the twisting and turning Trail Ridge Road. However, the main attraction is hiking its 350-some miles of trails that wind through pine and spruce forests, glittering alpine lakes, swaths of wildflowers and if you’re lucky, elk or bighorn sheep. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is a great family vacation destination, offering outdoor experiences for all—from easy nature hikes around crystal clear mountain lakes to daring rock scrambles up waterfalls and mountains. Plus, fellow Colorado hot spots, Boulder, Vail, Aspen and Denver, are each just a short drive away.

Vail, CO

When people think skiing in Colorado, Vail is often the first town that comes to mind. World-famous Vail’s 5,289 acres of legendary terrain have put the town on the map for travelers around the world. In addition to the skiing, Vail’s delightful pedestrian villages offer just about everything you could ever ask for from a mountain resort. The village areas at the ski area base have cobblestone walkways and are designed to look and feel like a Tyrolean mountain town. However, Vail is not just about skiing, it has become a four-season destination. There are many ways to explore Vail Mountain in the spring, summer and fall whether you’re on a mountain bike, a scenic hike or exploring an Epic Discovery Nature Trail. To top of your stay, Vail has some of Colorado’s best lodging, dining and shopping.

Aspen, CO

In terms of winter wonderland status, few destinations can compare to Aspen. This scenic mountain town is straight out of a snow globe, featuring picturesque mountain chalets hugging the soaring Colorado Rockies. Of course, the main draw here is skiing and there are four premier ski areas nearby that cater to skiers of all levels. Aspen’s beautiful scenery and open space lend themselves well to cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and winter fly-fishing. If you enjoy playing in the mountains on warm spring, summer or fall days, Aspen has plenty to offer. Hiking, biking, gondola rides, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, hot air ballooning and paragliding are just some of the many activities that will fill your days. If you still have energy after all the fun, evenings in Aspen are filled with plenty to keep your adrenaline flowing and your travel companions entertained.

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